Dreaming of a TukTuk holiday in India?

Inputs by Sahil Kanojiya (an intern at LittleBitIndia), Edited by Team LBI

Let’s discover India in style, on a Tuk Tuk

India is a land of vivid contrasts. They say that culture, food habits and the taste of water changes every 100 kilometres.  One would plan holidays through modern means of transportation — airplanes, trains, tubes, metros, cabs and what not.

But, hold on, India is not just another country! You can afford to do off beat stuff here for we have found sanity in our levels of insanity!

Why not explore India on a TukTuk or an autorickshaw? It is an open vehicle. We are referring to this 2-stroke engine with a single cylinder! Yes, you read that right. It can hardly store 10 litres of fuel. There is no point rolling down the windows of a TukTuk for it has none. It comes with a three-way open to air format! What more, the noise is such that you will not even hear your mobile ring. Still interested?

We believe these are one of the most adventurous vehicles available in India. And trust us, there are many exploring the 3.2 million kilometres area of India on these TukTuks. No? Obviously, not at a stretch!

Off late, auto rickshaws or tuktuks have become a style statement for foreigners visiting India. Colourful in yellow tops and green bottoms, tuktuks can accommodate a maximum of four (comfortably) including the diver.

TukTuks or autorickshaws have been wooing many a people and some are even looking at buying these just to sell them off at the end of the journey.



One of the main advantages of a tuktuk  is that you need not pre-book it. Just a waive and a shout ‘auto’ is enough for the generous tuktuk guys to oblige. These rides are cheaper than bus or cab services. Interestingly you can reach the doorstep of your destination.

If you are riding in a tuktuk, you can sometimes compare it to the roller coaster too. It’s the thrill of riding in a yellow metal cabin with no doors, no airbag and no seat belts. The kick which you get when you jump along when the tuktuk passes over speed breaker or bump is something which can be expressed in words. Cult classic Bollywood songs played by drivers add to the ambience.


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