Heading to India? Beware of these.

Article by Sahil Kanojiya, an intern at LittleBitIndia

India is one of those tourist destinations in the world that has numerous cultures and religions and history more than 30,000 years old. India where ‘’  Atithi Devo Bhavah”, a   Sanskrit verse which means  – consider the guest as God has always been the ethos of Indian culture has several tourist attraction and world heritage sites.

In recent times, India has emerged as one of the favourite destination spots in World due to its geographical structure as well as the way tourist are welcomed and treated in the country.

Despite all these, there are some cases where tourist can go with bad experience or can be felt cheated. Ever year foreign visitors are tricked for money exchange, extra cab charges etc. Thus it is necessary for people to spend some time in doing some research and understand India and its customs. One must plan well and be smart enough to dodge these scams before arriving.

Here we provide you with the most common scams which you may encounter in your trip. With proper knowledge about these scams, you may prevent yourself from getting tricked.

  • Faulty Taxi Meter

Cab drivers will usually charge heavy amount by using a faulty meter which will always show big bills regardless of distance. Thus one must have some knowledge about the routes to be taken for the destination, its distance from pick up points, Ola, etc. You must always use government registered cab service or  Ola and Uber.

  • Overbooked Hotel

This is also one of the most common scams that happen in India especially when you don’t do proper and advance planning. Most of the time, Hotel manager charges heavy payment for giving hotel rooms giving the excuse of overbooking and more demand, especially in festive season. Thus in order to escape from this scam, one must properly check the rating of the hotel online and book it in advance

  • Fortune Tellers

Another simple but effective scam which is mostly common in holy cities of India like Varanasi, Mathura etc. In this, some fake people will pretend to be an astrologer and will tell you your future {some make up stories} and will charge for the service.

  • Selling fake products

This type of scam is mostly common in the Northern part of India. In this seller will try to sell the fake products having the logo of some branded company and will charge you the same cost. Some of such articles are like sunglasses, watches, gemstones etc.

  • Group photo-taking sessions

Tourist while visiting busy tourist location such as Taj Mahal, will be offer group photograph session by locals. Now as they prepare for photo pose in the meantime they realise that their camera is missing. Thus one must not try to give their expensive cameras to these locals.

  • Friendly ATM Helper

Never allow anyone near you while you withdraw cash from an ATM machine. Always try to hide your secret pin from such person by covering your keypad while making transactions.

  • Tilak { red dot}

Indian temples are the most common place for such type of scams. A ‘holy man’ or sadhu will put tilak {red dot} on your forehead and will tie a simple string around your wrist and then will do some fake ritual and will charge for his service. Always go with a local to perform these authentic rituals.

  • Roadside performer

Never try to watch such types of the show as you have to pay for it whether you like the performance or not. The chances of pickpocketing in such places are also more.

  • Mobile sim cards without ID proof

Many shopkeepers will trick you to buy sim cards without any registration process and id proof. Though it may look good as it requires no paperwork but these cards will be costly than registered sim cards and will stop working in few days.

  • Injured Beggars

In India you will see at every traffic signal, children wearing torn clothes will seek money. Though it may not look like a scam but actually giving money to them will promote such activities and more children will be forced into beggary by the local mafia.

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