Tigress mock charges on tourists in India

Reproduced from the Youtube channel of http://www.NatureLounge.in

The author quotes the recent killing of two humans in India’s Corbett National Park. Here is the text reproduced from the youtube channel. Man-animal conflict is spiralling into a big issue in and around the jungles of India.

Two humans have been killed by a tiger near Corbett. Wonder if we can ever co-exist with tigers. Do the lions of Africa co-exist with people there? We experienced once such incident at the Dhikala zone of Corbett National Park last December. Though could not shoot the fiercer part of the charge by a tigress on tourists, we could manage the second part of the mock charge.

A disgruntled tigress charged at tourists touring Corbett National park on an elephant.

In Dhikala zone of the national park, a tigress had made a kill. It swam across a water body towards the thick vegetation where tourist vehicles had lined to get a glimpse of this big cat.

While the vehicles and tour guides engaged in a tussle to get the best spot, the tigress, already agitated with so many humans around, sneaked into the bushes.

As soon as the vehicles started changing positions to get the best sighting as well as images, the tigress mock charged. Incidentally, there was a forest department elephant too in that area with tourists on board (non-Indian. As our vehicle decided to move away from the place and give space to the big cat, many vehicles wanted some more action and footage.

Meanwhile, the tigress decided to mock charge once again and have the last word in the jungle. While we could not capture the first charge, here is the second mock charge, though not as fierce as the first one. Fortunately, no one got hurt and the tigress swam back to where it came from. Man-animal conflict continues.

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