Here is that ‘Unusual’ Trivago Ad Guy

He indeed is not a model, he is Trivago India’s Country Manager

Just like the rest of India, we have also spent sleepless nights over this unusual looking model in the Trivago advertisement. Ever we have battled questions such as why did they have to take him? Where did they get him in the first place? Could they not have got a nice-looking lady just like the original advertisement had?

Read Chandan Jaiswal‘s answer to Who is that strange looking man in Trivago India Adv? on Quora

Well, thanks to this post on Quora, we seem to have figured out the mystery!

The ‘model’, who has been living a normal life, has today, managed to turn some heads.


For all those who have been saying that they would be happy to live their life without having to meet this ‘Trivago Guy’ might have to swallow their own words! For, who wouldn’t want to meet the country manager of the company?

In fact, this ‘so-called’ irritating advertisement has turned out to be a branding genius and what brand recall!

Check out the advertisement yourself and decide.

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