Disappointed by the latest TV series on Maharaja Ranjit Singh?

Where does creative freedom end? Should the entertainment industry be more sensitive to history? 

The questions starts with who is Maharaja Ranjit Singh? Wikipedia, the Holy book of the netizens says he was the founder of the Sikh Empire, survived smallpox in infancy but lost his let eye to the disease. The brave Ranjit Singh fought his first battle at the age of 10 and during his teenage years, fought the Afghans to expel them.

History and Indian television have a long story together. This time, Life Ok channel decided to touch upon the life story of Maharaja Ranjit Singh. Their latest offering, ‘Sher-e-Punjab, Maharaja Ranjit Singh’ is yet another effort by the makers to capture that segment of the audience that loves history and culture.

So, how do you find the story till now? I happened to chance upon one of the latest episodes on HotStar, just for the love of history and I was zapped. I could not relate Sikhism and ‘vampism’ at all. The latest episode showed a vamp trying to create difference between the two brothers.

I am not a Sikh, hence cannot comment with accuracy, but there is something wrong with the accent of the actors for sure. The clothing, the attire, the set, the colours…everything seem to be misplaced. What do you think about it?

In fact, Vikramjit Singh Rooprai, one of India’s famous Heritage Activist and Educationist, took to the social media to air his disappointment.

So #LifeOK channel started this new serial #RanjitSingh. Another big disappointment in name of history.
Horribly wrong…

Posted by Vikramjit Singh Rooprai on Thursday, 23 March 2017

Not surprisingly, many of his followers voiced similar opinions. They discussed, for instance, how the makers of the soap got the very Sikh greeting wrong in the first place. Any true Sikh can make out the difference between ‘Sat Shri Akal’ and ‘Sassriakal’ (the way it is being pronounced by the actors).

Another audience of the TV soap added, that this unchecked misinformation phenomenon needs to be highlighted massively at least on social media. These channels are grossly misrepresenting and cheapening historical legends that have been sources of inspiration for generations. Now, they’ve been reduced to badly put together melodramas with completely self invented plots. This is utterly obnoxious…”

Not just that, the discussions that followed also spoke about how the makers got the turbans wrong. Vikramjit Singh himself pointed out that instead of the traditional attire that was worn during that age, they showed junior Ranjit Singh in a modern style ‘patka’.

The show airs on Life Ok Mon-Fri at 8:30 pm.

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