Bhangra dance on a glacier will melt your heart

Indian tourist to Svalbard takes to traditional dance form Bhangra on the frozen land. 

You can take an Indian out of India but never can you take away India out of an Indian. Meet Samant Jain, an Indian who has travelled many a countries and continents for work and leisure alike.

Samant is your kind of an enterprising young Indian who has won many-a-hearts in Amsterdam, where he was pursuing his Masters in Business Administration. His room, back in the college days, would be flooded with fellow students lining up to eat ‘room-made’ and ‘comforting’ traditional Rajma Chawal (rice with kidney beans in gravy). Rajma Chawal is one of the most popular Indian as well as South-Asian cuisine. The dish finds its origins in Mexico as well.

Even today, Samant’s social media profile is flooded with his experiments with food! So much so, that his friends in Singapore (his current location), are a huge fan of his Chole Chawal (yet another Indian rice dish with chickpeas and gravy).

But, with this Bhangra (traditional Indian dance form), he takes his love for India and Indian traditions to the next level. Our Global Desi decided to visit Svalbard in the month of May 2017. While he is still enjoying his vacation, we have had access to this super awesome video and we have his permission as well to share it with our readers.

Interesting Fact: At 78 degrees north, Svalbard is the northernmost inhabited place in the world where polar bears outnumber humans and carrying a rifle is mandatory.

What you see here, is a glacier on the way from Barentsburg to Longyearbyen. The snowmobile suit and shoes weigh 8 kilograms. The temperatures are much beyond the freezing point at -15 degrees celsius. And, here he performs the Bhangra with ease and elegance and of course full of life.

“Oh, I have performed Bhangra on the beaches of Barcelona as well. In fact, I do it anywhere and everywhere I go!,” said Samant in his humourous best.

So, Samant, shall we say “Chak De!!”

We are sure you loved that jig. Interestingly, if not humans, there could certainly have been polar bears to ring in a round of applause for the performers. For, Svalbard, the northernmost inhabited place in the world, has more polar bears than humans!

Samant, thanks for letting us know that it is your friend and travelmate from Singapore who joined you in this Bhangra. Fascinatingly, it is the lady from the Lion City who initiated the dance this time.



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