Maya Sarabhai’s letter to her new third-class family members

The Good thing is, they are back. And here ends the good news.

If you are a true fan of Sarabhai vs Sarabhai, you would have sadly, already watched the first two episodes of the second season. Interestingly, Maya Sarabhai from the first season has written a note to the members of her family of Sarabhai vs Sarabhai Take 2.

Here is what the note reads like:


Credits: HotStar

Guys, guys, I know we had to come back. I know people wanted us to perform once again but whatever is going on in this Take 2, is television serialisticly second-class.

Take my word Indu, no decent magazine would want to write about us this time around. Kisi “Stree Samasya Saptahik” ne bhi review kar diya, to mera naam Maya Sarabhai nahi. 

In fact, Indu, look at my clothes. Don’t I look like one of those Ekta-Kapoor Saas Bahu’s? Simple Killawala kya bolegi! “Kahin garba karne jaa rahi thi kya?”, ya fir, “Gareeb Rath ki first class passenger type dikhti ho.” 

Trust me, looks like hamari love story ka “climax” theek se nahi hua Indu!  I can still hear you egoistically emphasizing, “Main Mard Hoon!”  “Kisi doctor ko kyo nahi dikhate Indu seriously, you have lost the physics and chemistry both.”

More than these premonitions that Roshesh will fall for this Jasmine, I am ashamed of our own dissections of Jasmine’s flawed english. Our viewers are the intelligent ones guys! Not those Bollywood fans who google the meaning of the climax after coming back from first day, first show!

And, Indu, remember Sahil cautioning you, “Dad, graphic details me mat jayiye na“. As against, the atrociously outrageous “underwear” joke that I cracked along with Sonia? And, Sonia seriously is so unsophisticated! Who sneezes like that? Maine to definitely nahi sikhaya. Baa hotin, to bolti bade ghar ki ladkiyan aisi hoti hai? Aargh! 

Sonia se yaad aaya. Dushyant is going over-the-top with his lack-of-comic-timing. This is just not the way he explains. Ab usko explain karna bhi sikhana padega kya? 

Hum log last season me Children-in-law ke maamle me hi unfortunate the, iss season me to children bhi aise hi nikle.

Come to think of it, Sahil has become so regressive. No? Would you ever imagine him talking about illogical things like the fan falling off the ceiling owing some matka baba’s anger? Sahil, that just proves ke tum Monisha ke saath itne saalon se ho! 

And Monisha, how can you waste so much of makeup which is so expensive? “Waste” and “Expensive”, no!- you just don’t get the point this time. You are simply too much to handle. You do not look your part — middle class! In fact, you look gaudy and rich without any class! Ab yeh mat bolna ke tumhara taste sachmuch bahut classy hai. Now, get up and we need to change your clothes, your hair, make up, house and everything to make you look the sweet, innocent, good-at-heart yet, stupid Monisha. Kahan gayi meri woh Monisha? 

Roshesh baby! My God! Indu, main permission deti hoon, pour some milk on his head along with some bournvita to get his soul back! You are not yourself! You are the one who behaves in the most serious fashion, yet, yet, comes across as a clown — effortlessly. Uss Roshes ko kya Simple Killawala ke yahan chhod aaye? Ya fir, Yuyu ne mere baby ko apne vashh me kar liya? Oh no! It must be that flavourless Jasmine!

Madhu Bhai, technology itni advance ho gayi hai. I was expecting ke aap kuch to extra sunoge. Same “hain-hain” pe koi kitna hass sakta hai? 

On that note, main to chali. Aage, que sera sera, whatever will be, will be. It sounds so middle class, but Bhagwaan bharose hain hamara show. 

Love, Maya Sarabhai

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